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About Author

The author of ‘Max Geometric Maths’ website, Dr M Raja Climax, is one of the greatest Geometricians of the 21st century. Besides possessing vast knowledge and understanding of all Geometrical theorems and concepts, the author has done advanced researches in the applications of Cevas and Menelaus theorems and has discovered more than 50 new wonderful Geometric results.

Dr M Raja Climax was born on 30.05.1954 in Thoothukkudi Dist & did his schooling in Chokkankudiyiruppu and Kommmadikottai villages, Thoothukkudi Dist, Tamilnadu, India, where he started learning and loving Geometry. In his childhood, during Maths classes, he raised many questions in Geometry baffling and astonishing his teachers.

He got introduced to Theoretical Geometry only at the age of 14 (at Class X). From then onwards, he started solving challenging Geometric problems given in his text books by using novel methods and taking peculiar routes. Some of his methods were highly cleverish and brainy and were uneasy and intricate even for his teachers to understand. His teacher was amazingly shocked to look at his way of presenting different solutions for a single problem. Above all, his solutions to some complicated problems were extremely simple and short-stepped. But, after his Pre-University Course (PUC, which he completed at the age of 16), he pursued a degree course in Business Administration and hence, he never had a chance to learn Geometry. Though he was associated with Geometry only for about three years, he revolutionised many concepts and riders with his new methods and proofs

Dr M Raja Climax, is the Founder Chairman of CEOA Group of Institutions (comprising six Schools & one Arts & Science College). In spite of his busy schedules, his passion towards Geometry has driven him to author a book on ‘The Geometry of Concurrency’. One of the applications of Menelaus theorem is about the concurrency of three cevians inside a triangle. The author calls this specific application of Menelaus Theorem as “Concurrency Theorem” and has also developed a nice proof for this Concurrency Theorem. Further, using this Concurrency Theorem, he invented as many as 37 new results which are embodied in his said book, ‘The Geometry of Concurrency”.

The Department of Mathematics, Gujarat University (India) appreciated his work and after obtaining due consent from him, published 25 of his results on Concurrency in their bimonthly journal “Suganitam” as a continuous series in its various issues (can be viewed in the below link).   Dr M Raja Climax  has also presented papers on ‘Geometry of concurrency’ in various National & international conferences/Seminars held in Demaquette  (Philippines), Pune, Goa, Delhi & Indore. He also got an honorary degree of Doctorate in the year 2019 from the University of Asia.

Dr M Raja Climax, is a Determined Mathematician - By T.Asir

I am immensely pleased to congratulate Dr M Raja Climax on his exemplary contribution to the student community. What struck me about his book and his website is his tenacity in holding onto a childhood interest that gave him much joy.

Not many of us have the willpower and perseverance to explore a childhood interestor hobby, beyond a rush of pleasure. The determination of Dr M Raja Climax to work through theorems and geometry problems, at an age, when most people have said their goodbyes to meaningful ventures, is impressive, to say the least.

His concurrency theorem and allied problems will help school students to understand geometry better. His book and website clearly outline many concepts and proof | techniques, frequently used in geometry.

I congratulate Dr M Raja Climax on his publication and I exhort him to come out with more such books, which are a boon to any school student, who wishes to learn geometry in detail. I wish him all success in future endeavours.

Dr T Asir M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D.,
Head, Department of Mathematics - DDE,
Madurai Kamaraj University (Director, MKU Evening College, Dindigul)

Mr G Lakshmana Murthy,
Department of Mathematics,
Warangal, Telangana

Dr M Raja Climax, The Person who is carving the Sculpture

Basically I am a Mathematics teacher. Out of my professional interest, I have developed my inclination towards solving different problems at my own and with the guidance of professional experts. In this process, I found a problem in Geometry, which became a real problem to solve. So I sought for the help of very senior people in this field.It may not be fair to mention the name of that person, but it is a must to mention the incident here. A Mathematical stalwart took it very lightly, and tried to give me the proper solution for this, but aborted due to its complexity. To my surprise, I received the solution through a mail, after one month, from a small girl (a student of this stalwart) who worked on this problem, at her own .Unfortunately, I lost this mail, which turned to be my fortune at a later date. Yes, then I happened to hear about Sri. Raja Climax, the Founder Chairman of the CEOA schools who solved this problem instantaneously. That was my introduction to him.

Upon hearing about him, I was quite astonished that he studied Geometry only up to Matriculation level and he worked in the Central Excise Department which has no relevance to the subject of Geometry. I understood that he has developed his curiosity in the subject of Geometry and has acquired this much of knowledge through his thorough and continuous work on this subject with interest. One has to agree that his interest on this totally irrelevant subject either to his studies or to his nature of work in the department of Central Excise is only due to his inclination on this subject, from his previous births. I still wonder to know that he has proficiency in Tamil grammar and poetry and is extending his services to the propagation of Tamil language to the extreme level.

At this juncture a Verse from Rig-Veda struck to my mind # sahasraseershapurushahasahasrsskshahasahasrapacth .............. “ . I have seen yet another meaning for this verse after meeting our Dr M Raja Climax sir. Who can put an end to finding the meanings of Vedic verses?

Our Dr M Raja Climax sir calls me a friend. I am a small rock in front of this great Himalayan Mountain. Finally, | have understood why the great, generous, highly educated ...... people are always referred to Himalayan Mountains. I am really proud of myself, to be a friend of this Himalayan mountain, indeed.

Dr M Raja Climax, The King Maker in Geometry

I met Dr M Raja Climax, while I was working as a NEET Co-ordinator in Madurai for a private coaching Organisation. While interacting with him, I was astonished to know his depth and adeptness in Geometry. The way he creates new Geometric situations in a few minutes amazed me. In my Mathematical life, I have never met such a brilliant Geometric legend like him. "The Unity Pieces Theorem" propounded by him is one of his novel and unique contributions to the field of Geometry. The papers presented by him in All India Mathematical Conferences were overwhelmingly welcomed by the Mathematicians with cheers and applause. As on date, he deserves to be counted as one of the best Geometricians in the world level. I have no doubt that he will introduce still newer and more astonishing concepts to the world in the days to come.

Mr Sai Prasadkumar, M.Sc.,PGDCA.,B.Ed.,
Mathematician, Chithoor, Andhra Pradesh

Mr SP Prabhaharan
Department of Mathematics, CEOA, Madurai

Dr M Raja Climax, The one who made the fantasy scene
come true

Geometry is the mother of Mathematics. It is also the most challenging branch of Mathematics. Those who practise Geometry are generally viewed as symbol of brilliance and adeptness. In the present world, seldom can we find a Geometrician equivalent to or better than Dr M Raja Climax. I doubt whether any one as exceptionally talented as Dr M Raja Climax is available on this planet contemporarily. I feel very much fortunate & blessed to work under as eminent a Geometrician as Dr M Raja Climax. For all Maths aspirants, he is an inspiration. His results and his style of proving the results make us amazed and astonished. Any basic learner who is not well-versed in geometry and doesn't have much interest in Geometry will also start loving Geometry if he/she gets a chance to attend his class & go through his marvelous revelations. For some highly challenging problems, he has given not one or two solutions, but more than that, which are very simple, clear, short-stepped & easy to understand.

Moreover, here I would like to share how Dr M.Raja Climax is passionately concerned about equipping his faculties with the latest updates. He organized a workshop on GeoGebra for the Maths teachers as early as in 2018 when the very name GeoGebra was unheard of in many Indian cities. Later, we, the teachers, were pleasantly surprised to notice that the newly framed Tamilnadu curriculum had all the nuances of GeoGebra. We were awestruck to know how he was able to predict future trends in Maths education.

His love for Geometry paves the way to learn new technology. He has a never- ending thirst for Geometry. We wish him to create more & more concepts and results so that we can enrich our knowledge by his Geometrical novelties.