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Have A Royal Maths Feast In Max Geometric Maths

‘Max Geometric Maths’is a specially designed site for Geometry lovers. This site has been carefully tailored to kindle and stimulate interest in all Geometry lovers – from students to research scholars. The site has been devised to propel one’s enthusiasm in understanding the new and newer areas of Geometry.  A brief overview of all the conventional Geometrical concepts and popular results has also been incorporated for easy reference. The site has been broadly divided into three major domains.

1. Geometrical Theorems, Concepts and Results

This domain has been included purely for a referential value.

2. The Author’s own and exceptional contributions to the world of Geometry and its allied areas:

This is again classified into three further sub-domains

a) Novel results (unknown to the world of Geometry so far):

The author has created more than 60 novel results in Circles





b) Novel solutions (unthought of by the world of Geometry so far) to some existing problems:

b) Novel solutions (unthought of by the world of Geometry so far) to some existing problems:

He is giving simple solutions for complicated problems in his own style.

For example, take the following result.

“In ABC, AD is the median from A to BC. O is any point on AD. BO produced and CO produced meet AC and AB respectively at E and D. Prove that DE is parallel to BC.”

For the above result, the Geometricians across the world have given their own lengthy proofs. But the author has proved this result in just two steps. (see inside). The above one is an example only. There are plenty of such novelties available here for a Mathematical mind to relish and cherish.

The Concurrency Theorem and its Riders:

The Concurrency Theorem is an innovative and wonderful theorem developed by the Author taking a cue from the Menelaus Theorem. A brief about the said Concurrency Theorem is as follows:

he Cevas Theorem tells us what happens along the perimeter of a triangle when three cevians are concurrent. But the Concurrency Theorem (developed by the author from one of the applications of the Menelaus Theorem) tells us what happens inside the triangle when three cevians are concurrent. Based on this Concurrency Theorem, the author has developed as many as 37 wonderful results in theoretical Geometry. All these novel results can be seen in his book “The Geometry of Concurrency” published in 2018 , Volume – 1 and in 2019 Volume 2. The books are available in this site for study and cherishment. The viewers of the site are guaranteed of a delicious feast in Geometry in ‘Max Geometric Maths’.