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It is one of the oldest branches of Mathematics that deals with
sizes, shapes, position, angles and dimensions of all objects.

Geo + Metry :

‘Geo’ means ‘Earth’
‘Metry’ means ‘Measurement’

Theoretical Geometry:

The geometry which treats the properties and characteristics of various geometrical shapes with axioms or theorems  without the help of accurate measurements.

Euclid, the father of geometry initiated a new way of thinking in the study of geometrical results by deductive reasoning based on previously proved results and some self evident specific assumptions called axioms or postulates.

Geometric Proofs play a vital role in the expansion and understanding of many branches of mathematics. The study of geometry improves one’s power to think logically.

Geometry holds a great deal of importance in fields of Engineering , Architecture & Science. In the construction of buildings, geometry can play two vital roles, one in making the structure more stable and the other in enhancing the beauty. Elegant use of geometric shapes can turn the buildings and other structures into great landmarks admired by all.