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July 2024 Cash Award Math Rider

**Rules to be followed

A. Trigonometric Solutions (using cosine/sine formula or any other trigonometric concepts) will not be accepted.
B. Analytical Geometric Solutions will not be accepted.
C. Only pure Geometric Solutions with complete proof without any flaws or ambiguity will be accepted.
D. One person can send any number of solutions. But only one correct solution will be considered for prize.
E. Solutions received after the deadline will not be entertained.
F. Popular and famous Geometric results can be used without proof. But at the same time, unpopular or rarely known results should used only with proof.
G. Sending solutions in the names of friends, relatives or proxies is prohibited.
H.The decision of the prize committee is final and binding on all.
I.Solution without figures will not be accepted.All solutions should invariably be supported with appropriate figures.
J.Appropriate construction & explanation about the figure should be given in the proff very clearly.
K.Solutions shall be sent in written or typed format.Scribbled solutions which are hard to read will not be accepted.
L.If there is any delay in posting the question(due to technical or other reasons),the deadline also will be extended accordingly.
M.Solutions should be sent with sender's details at the bottom of the page(Name,Designation,place,Ph no)

**Read the guidelines carefully

A. Students, Teachers, Professors, Research Scholars & anyone can participate.
B. Solutions can be sent to maxgeometricmaths@gmail.com on or before 3rd of every month at 6PM IST.
C. First 3 complete Geometric Solutions will be awarded with cash prizes.
D. Prize winners solutions will be posted on 15th of every month at 6PM IST.